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En la noche
for solo piano

Nocturne for solo piano inspired in the nocturnes of Chopin, seen through the lense of contemporary music.


Jacobs School of Music - Indiana University 


April 15th, 2018.

Composer: Luis M. Ruelas Romo

Pianist: Tingting Wu


Ja' K'áax
Cantata in Yucatec Mayan for Soprano, Choir and Sinfonietta
(Winner of 2017 OperaMaya International Composition Competition)

This work sets to music Prof. Wildernain Villegas Carrillo's homonym poem: Ja' K'áax (Waterjungle), which trough evocative imagery speaks out against the injustices currently faced by the Maya people. 

This work employs some Pre-Columbian instruments intermixed with Western Classical instruments, to create music where the old and new meet to express the powerful message of the poem.



Auer Hall - Indiana University             February 22nd, 2018.


Composer:  Luis M Ruelas Romo                                                                                      Poet: Wildernain Villegas Carrillo                                                                            

Conductor:  Piotr Wisniewski                                                                                             Soprano Solo: Malina Rauschelfels

Soprano: Kia Frank                                                                                                                Alto: Erin Koolman

Tenor: Patrick Conklin                                                                                                          Baritone: Jake Engel


Flutes: Anne Daley, Sara Abrams                                                                                      Horn: Michael Stiles

Percussion: Carey Anderson, Jamie Kunselman                                                           Piano: Tatiana Lokhina

Violins: Alexi Whitsel, Leigha Amick                                                                                Viola: Lyrica Smolenski

Cello: Christy Grace                                                                                                                Double Bass: William Klein

Music for Thirteen Musicians
(Commissioned by Andy Mantel for the Unitas Ensemble)

Dedicated to the victims of oppression, this work through the absence of a clear melody evokes the struggles of the oppressed to have their voices heard. The work explores "waves" of sound that increase to a militaristic middle section. Then, these same "waves" gradually go softer until they stop at an elusive ending.


Old South Church, Boston, MA   February 20th, 2016.



Composer:  Luis M Ruelas Romo                                                           Conductor:  Lina González Granados


                                                                                                                         Unitas Ensemble

Tres Danzas
for String Orchestra

This work is inspired on the rythmic paterns of three specific folk dances: the Mexican "Son Jalisicense" and "Jarabe",  as well as the originally Cuban "Danzón". In this performance the "Jarabe" was omitted since the composition was still a work in progress.



New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall   April 21st, 2015.



Composer:  Luis M Ruelas Romo                                                                                       Conductor:  Jonas Tarm


Violin I:  Brian Choi, David Bernat, Isa Costanza, Kate Arndt                                    Cello:  Jason Coleman, Nitzan Gal

Violin II:  Julia Connor, Alexi Whitsel, Etienne Girard                                                  Double Bass:  Moe Winograd, Yizhen Wang

Viola: Emily Brandenburg, Ariel Champan, Alezandra Simpson.

Imágenes de Guanajuato
Suite for cello and guitar

Premier of my cello and guitar suite "Imágenes de Guanajuato". Being a collection of personal "mental images" (memories) of the historic city of Guanajuato, Mexico, this piece is highly influenced by Mexican and Spanish folkloric idioms.



New England Conservatory's Pierce Hall     April 1st, 2014.


Composer: Luis M Ruelas Romo                                       Cello: Taeguk Mun                                                                   Guitar: Fiel Sahir

Cuarteto Latino No. 1  "Tango"
For String Quartet

Premiere of the sting quartet Cuarteto Latino No.1 "Tango". Influenced by the Argentinian tango, this piece seeks to reconcile the tradition in this folkloric dance with the classical music scene. 



New England Conservatory's Pierce Hall     December 4th, 2012.

Composer:  Luis M Ruelas Romo                                                           


Violin I:  Lisa Fujita                                                                                     Viola:  Sergio Muñoz

Violin II:  Jiwon Sun                                                                                    Cello:  Taeguk Mun


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